New Wheels can make a huge difference in your car's appearance and performance. Aftermarket rims are lighter, in some cases stronger, better looking, and customized to your liking. However, you have to try to best match your stock tire and wheel dimensions to the your new wheel and tire dimensions. Here's a program that can assist you in finding the right set up. Enter your stock dimensions along with what you want to change to, and this program will do the rest.


Stock Wheel/Tire Set Up

  • Your Stock Tire Dimensions:
    / H/V/ZR
  • Stock Wheel Width:
  • Stock Tire to Fender Clearance in inches:

New Wheel/Tire Set Up

  • Your New Tire Dimension:
    / H/V/ZR
  • New Wheel Width:


Stock tire diameter is inches.

New tire diameter is inches.

Stock tire width is inches.

New tire width is inches.

Stock tire profile is inches thick.

New tire profile is inches thick.

Stock tire to fender clearance is inches.

New tire to fender clearance is inches.


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