Removal of an E36 glove box

This procedure does not cover E36/5 or E36/7 models (ti and Z3)

Remove the 2 screws retaining the lower panel to the glove box, there is no need to remove the panel. Open the glove box door and you will see 2 plugs matching your interior colour, remove these plugs and remove the screws behind them. Down by the hinges for the door are two more screws, these require a right angle, or very short screwdriver to remove. In each of the 2 air vents above the glove box door is another screw. You should have removed 6 screws.  If you have a car with a passenger airbag, pry out the light inside the glove box and remove the 10 mm bolt located above the light.

Pull the glove box towards you , gently as there are wires connected to it. As you gain clearance, unplug the interior light , and , if you have to remove the assembly from the car, remove the wiring and socket for the flashlight.

When installing the glove box, make sure the correct screws are installed where the plastic caps are required. These screws differ from the rest by having a lip on the head, for the caps to hold onto.


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