Electronic Damper Control (EDC) adjusts the shock absorbers, with virtually no delay, to changing road or driving conditions. It combines the best possible level of driving safety with a high degree of ride comfort or - if desired - with an especially sporty handling style.

Your benefits :

Function in detail :

All vehicle motions affecting road behaviour and driving characteristics are constantly monitored by sensors. A microprocessor evaluates all this information and passes on instructions to the dampers, where magnetic valves adjust damper force to one of the three settings.

A two-stage switch in the centre console allows the driver to choose either the sporting or comfortable (=automatic) suspension setting.

In the Sports (S) position, the damper curve at the lower end is limited manually. The 5 and 7 Series offer the particularly ambitious and sporty driver the additional possibility of choosing the maximum sports curve at the touch of a button (in which case the button LED (light-emitting diode) lights up on the 7 Series). This programme is then retained until the driver presses the button again for Automatic (7 Series comfort programme, button LED off).

Components :

The system consists of four electronically controlled dampers, each with three response curves (soft, medium and hard).

The parameters considered when adjusting the dampers are road speed, load, transverse acceleration, acceleration in the direction of travel, and vertical acceleration of the vehicle - the following sensors being applied for this purpose :

The signal processor, control logics, hardware monitor, and power terminals for feeding an electric signal to the four dampers are integrated in the control unit.