Procedure for Acquiring Flash Codes from your BMW

Instructions by Ben Thongsai,, inc.

Note: Your BMW must have Motronic version 1.1 or higher. Motronic 1.0 cars do not have self diagnostic flash code capability (as evidenced by the lack of a Check Engine light).

  1. Determine which version of the Motronic is in your BMW by consulting the DME Application Guide.
  2. Sit in the driver's seat.
  3. Turn the igntion to the On position, but do not start the car.
  4. Immediately depress the accelerator fully and release fully 5 times in quick succession.
  5. Wait a couple of seconds.
  6. The Check Engine light will flash once, then start to blink. All codes are comprised of 4 digits. The number of blinks corresponds to the fault code. For example, ON, pause, ON ON, pause, ON ON, pause, ON ON, off would be a 1222.
  7. Each four digit code will be flashed sequentially. When the codes start to repeat, all stored codes have been displayed.
  8. Turn the ignition Off.

BMW Diagnostic Flash Codes

DME Version M1.xM1.xM3.1M3.3M3.3.1
MalfunctionMCU 1MCU 2
DME Control Unit12112211121112111211
Air Mass/Volume Sensor12152215121512151215
Throttle Potentiometer1216--121612161216
Output Stage, Group #1------12181218
Output Stage, Group #2------12191219
EGO Sensor #112212221122112211221
EGO Sensor #2------1212--
Lambda Control #112222222122212221222
Lambda Control #2------1213--
Coolant Temp. Sensor1223--122312231223
Intake Air Temp. Sensor1224--122412241224
Knock Sensor #1------12251225
Knock Sensor #2------12261226
Knock Sensor #3------1227--
Knock Sensor #4------1228--
Battery Voltage/DME Main Relay12312231123112311231
Throttle Idle Switch12322232------
Throttle WOT Switch12332233------
Speedometer "A" Signal------12341234
A/C Compressor cut off------12371237
A/C Compressor------12421242
Crankshaft Pulse Sensor------12431243
Camshaft Sensor------12441244
Intervention, AEGS------12451245
Ign. Secondary Monitor------12471247
Fuel Injectors (group #1)12512251------
Fuel Injectors (group #2)12522252------
Fuel Injector #1----125112511251
Fuel Injector #2----125212521252
Fuel Injector #3----125312531253
Fuel Injector #4----125412541254
Fuel Injector #5----125512551255
Fuel Injector #6----125612561256
Fuel Injector #7------1257--
Fuel Injector #8------1258--
Fuel Pump Relay Control12612261126112611261
Idle Speed Actuator1262--126212621262
Purge Valve12632263126312631263
EGO Heater12642264126412641264
Fault Lamp (check engine)------12651265
Air Pump Relay Control------12671267
Ignition Coil, #1------12711271
Ignition Coil, #2------12721272
Ignition Coil, #3------12731273
Ignition Coil, #4------12741274
Ignition Coil, #5------12751275
Ignition Coil, #6------12761276
Ignition Coil, #7------1277--
Ignition Coil, #8------1278--
Control Unit Memory Supply------12811281
Fault (code) Memory------12821282
Fuel Injector Output Stage, no cyl #----128312831283
Knock Control Test Pulse------12861286
No Failure14442444144414441444

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